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TaskJunction concept

The concept of TaskJunction is to supply a tool for managing software development processes. Many such tools are very big, complex, and expensive. TaskJunction is cheap - it is free - and tries to make the process of software development easy and reduce complexity. This is done by not forcing a particular process method to be used, that is up to you to decide. You don't need many years of professional experience as a project manager to use this tool, it is for everyone. Planning and tracking don't have to be require a huge effort.

Key values


Projects screenshot
With TaskJunction you can create all the projects you want. When created, all assigned users will have access to the content of the projects. Iterations can be created to manage short sprints of work within the projects.


Tasks screenshot
The task list allows you to get an overview of your tasks in a project or iteration and inline editing allows easy and fast modification of tasks. Filtering and sorting will allow you to only show the tasks you are interested in right now.


Taskboard screenshot
An online version of the traditional agile taskboard gives scrum masters and team members a way to track progress of sprints. Can be used as a tool for daily standup meetings.


Userboard screenshot
The userboard gives a quick overview of which tasks are assigned to which members. If a member is heavily booked with assignments, it will show on this view.


Various charts
A burndown chart like the one from the Scrum method can be drawn based on the current status of the sprint/iteration. The task status chart gives you an overview of the current task progression.