TaskJunction is closed

After a long time with almost no updates to TaskJunction, it is time to take the hard decision to close the site. When TaskJunction was created, there were very few alternative systems and those that existed were expensive and complicated. There was a need for a system that was both cheap and simple. This idea created TaskJunction. Time has gone by and other solutions has emerged, many with a similar strategy to make simple and cost effective task and project management systems.

The team behind TaskJunction consists of one person... me. Keeping the project running while also maintaining my other projects and businesses is too much work for now. I had to choose which project I had to let go. TaskJunction hasn't been updated for many years, to an extend that it now seems old and in the need of a serious refresh. I don't even use it myself anymore. Instead I have moved on to other similar tools. I'd rather close TaskJunction than let it erode into something I cannot be proud of. I don't do sucky software.

TaskJunction was created as a spare time project and released into the wild. It was ambitious, not only did it have a web based front end, it also had an Android app and a large API for system to system integration. I had fun creating the site and many users around the world have found the system useful. It had relevance when it was created, but the world and technology has changed since then, and the need for TaskJunction in it's current form has also changed.

It is always sad when you have to close one of your projects. But some times you have to make the decision to do so to make room for something else.

Kim Jensen
Creator of TaskJunction

If you have any questions regarding the close, I can be contacted at .